Publications 2011-2012

Publications 2011-2012 impliquant la plate-forme de chimie du végétal

2011-2012 : 18 Publications

2012 : 8 publications

Amiour, N., Imbaud, S., Clement, G., Agier, N., Zivy, M., Valot, B., Balliau, T., Armengaud, P., Quillere, I., Canas, R., Tercet-Laforgue, T., and Hirel, B. (2012). The use of metabolomics integrated with transcriptomic and proteomic studies for identifying key steps involved in the control of nitrogen metabolism in crops such as maize. J Exp Bot 63, 5017-5033.

Braun, N., de Saint Germain, A., Pillot, J.P., Boutet-Mercey, S., Dalmais, M., Antoniadi, I., Li, X., Maia-Grondard, A., Le Signor, C., Bouteiller, N., Luo, D., Bendahmane, A., Turnbull, C., and Rameau, C. (2012). The pea TCP transcription factor PsBRC1 acts downstream of Strigolactones to control shoot branching. Plant Physiol 158, 225-238.

Fontaine, J.X., Terce-Laforgue, T., Armengaud, P., Clément, G., Renou, J.P., Pelletier, S., Catterou, M., Azzopardi, M., Gibon, Y., Lea, P.J., Hirel, B., and Dubois, F. (2012). Characterization of a NADH-Dependent Glutamate Dehydrogenase Mutant of Arabidopsis Demonstrates the Key Role of this Enzyme in Root Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolism. Plant Cell 24, 4044-4065.

Frey, A., Effroy, D., Lefebvre, V., Seo, M., Perreau, F., Berger, A., Sechet, J., To, A., North, H.M., and Marion-Poll, A. (2012). Epoxycarotenoid cleavage by NCED5 fine-tunes ABA accumulation and affects seed dormancy and drought tolerance with other NCED family members. Plant J 70, 501-512.

Kiba, T., Feria-Bourrellier, A.B., Lafouge, F., Lezhneva, L., Boutet-Mercey, S., Orsel, M., Brehaut, V., Miller, A., Daniel-Vedele, F., Sakakibara, H., and Krapp, A. (2012). The Arabidopsis Nitrate Transporter NRT2.4 Plays a Double Role in Roots and Shoots of Nitrogen-Straved Plants. Plant Cell 24, 245-258.

Moreau, M., Azzopardi, M., Clement, G., Dobrenel, T., Marchive, C., Renne, C., Martin-Magniette, M.L., Taconnat, L., Renou, J.P., Robaglia, C., and Meyer, C. (2012). Mutations in the Arabidopsis homolog of LST8/GbetaL, a partner of the target of Rapamycin kinase, impair plant growth, flowering, and metabolic adaptation to long days. Plant Cell 24, 463-481.

Renault, H., El Amrani, A., Berger, A., Mouille, G., Soubigou‐Taconnat, L., Bouchereau, A., & Deleu, C. (2012). γ‐Aminobutyric acid transaminase deficiency impairs central carbon metabolism and leads to cell wall defects during salt stress in Arabidopsis roots. Plant Cell Environ. 36 1009-1018.

Routaboul, J.M., Dubos, C., Beck, G., Marquis, C., Bidzinski, P., Loudet, O., and Lepiniec, L. (2012). Metabolite profiling and quantitative genetics of natural variation for flavonoids in Arabidopsis. J Exp Bot 63(10) 3749-3764

2011 : 10 publications

Ayoub, K., Nélieu, S., van Hullebusch, E., Maia-Grondard, A., Cassir, M., Bermond, A. (2011). TNT oxidation by Fenton reaction: Reagent ratio effect on kinetics and early stage degradation pathways. Chemical Engineering Journal 173(2),309-317.

Bach, L., Gissot, L., Marion, J., Tellier, F., Moreau, P., Satiat-Jeunemaitre, B., Palauqui, J.C., Napier, J.A., and Faure, J.D. (2011). Very-long-chain fatty acids are required for cell plate formation during cytokinesis in Arabidopsis thaliana. J Cell Sci 124, 3223-3234.

Bischoff, V., Desprez, T., Mouille, G., Vernhettes, S., Gonneau, M., & Höfte, H. (2011). Phytochrome Regulation of Cellulose Synthesis in< i> Arabidopsis</i>. Current Biology, 21(21), 1822-1827.

Krapp, A., Berthomé, R., Orsel, M., Mercey-Boutet, S., Yu, A., Castaings, L., Elftieh, S., Major, H., Renou, J.P., and Daniel-Vedele, F. (2011) Arabidopsis roots and shoots show distinct temporal adaptation patterns toward nitrogen starvation. Plant Physiol. 157:1255-82.

Lefebvre, V., Fortabat, M.-N., Ducamp, A., North, H.M., Maia-Grondard, A., Trouverie, J., Boursiac, Y., Mouille, G., Durand-Tardif, M. (2011) ESKIMO1 Disruption in Arabidopsis Alters Vascular Tissue and Impairs Water Transport. PLoS ONE 6(2): e16645

Maaroufi-Dguimi, H., Debouba, M., Gaufichon, L., Clement, G., Gouia, H., Hajjaji, A., and Suzuki, A. (2011). An Arabidopsis mutant disrupted in ASN2 encoding asparagine synthetase 2 exhibits low salt stress tolerance. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 49, 623-628.

Planchet, E., Rannou, O., Ricoult, C., Boutet-Mercey, S., Maia-Grondard, A., and Limami, A.M. (2011). Nitrogen metabolism responses to water deficit act through both abscisic acid (ABA)-dependent and independent pathways in Medicago truncatula during post-germination. Journal of Experimental Botany 62, 605-615.

Renault, H., El Amrani, A., Palanivelu, R., Updegraff, E. P., Yu, A., Renou, J. P., Preuss, D., Bouchereau, A. & Deleu, C. (2011). GABA accumulation causes cell elongation defects and a decrease in expression of genes encoding secreted and cell wall-related proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant and cell physiology, 52(5), 894-908.

Thevenin, J., Pollet, B., Letarnec, B., Saulnier, L., Gissot, L., Maia-Grondard, A., Lapierre, C., and Jouanin, L. (2011). The Simultaneous Repression of CCR and CAD, Two Enzymes of the Lignin Biosynthetic Pathway, Results in Sterility and Dwarfism in Arabidopsis thaliana. Mol Plant 4, 70-82.

Wilson, A., Punginelli, C., Couturier, M., Perreau, F., and Kirilovsky, D. (2011). Essential role of two tyrosines and two tryptophans on the photoprotection activity of the Orange Carotenoid Protein. Biochim Biophys Acta 1807, 293-301.

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