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Publications 2007-2008 impliquant la PlateForme de Chimie du Végétal

2007-2008 : 19 Publications


  • Dubos C., Gentilhomme-Legourrierec J., Baudry A., Huep G., Lanet E., Debeaujon I., Routaboul JM, Weisshaar B., and Lepiniec L. (2008) MYBL2 is a new regulator of flavonoid biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana, Plant Journal, in press. [Wiley Interscience]
  • Lemaitre T. and al (2008). Enzymatic and metabolic diagnostic of nitrogen deficiency in Arabidopsis thaliana Wassileskija accession. Plant and Cell Physiology. In Press.[Plant & Cell Physiology]
  • Luceri C., Giovannelli L., Pitozzi V., Toti S., Castagni C., Routaboul JM., Lepiniec L. and P. Dolara (2008) Liver and Colon DNA oxidative damage and gene expression profiles of rats fed Arabidopsis thaliana mutants seed containing contrasted flavonoid contents, Food and Chemical Toxicology, 46 : 1213-1220. [Science Direct]
  • Nelieu, S.; Shankar, M. V.; Kerhoas, L.; Einhorn, J. (2008) Phototransformation of monuron induced by nitrate and nitrite ions in water: Contribution of photonitration. Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology a-Chemistry, 193, 1-9. [Science Direct]
  • Valadier MH, Yoshida A, Grandjean O, Morin H, Kronenberger J, Boutet S, Raballand A, Hase T, Yoneyama T, Suzuki A. (2008). Implication of the glutamine synthetase/glutamate synthase pathway in conditioning the amino acid metabolism in bundle sheath and mesophyll cells of maize leaves. FEBS J., 275(12):3193-206. [Wiley Interscience]
  • Wilson A., Gall A., Bonetti C., Alexandre M., Routaboul JM, Kerfeld C., Van grondelle R., Robert B., Kennis J and Kirilovski D. (2008) A photoactive carotenoid protein sensor of light intensity, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci USA, in press.[PNAS]
  • Zabotina O, Van de Ven M., Freshour G., Drakakaki G., Cavalier D, Mouille G., Hahn M.G., Keegstra K., and Raikhel N.V. (2008) The Arabidopsis XT5 protein encodes a putative α-1,2-xylosyltransferase and is involved in xyloglucan biosynthesis. Plant Journal, in press. [cepceb]


  • Albertin, W.; Alix, K.; Balliau, T.; Brabant, P.; Davanture, M.; Malosse, C.; Valot, B.; Thiellement, H. (2007) Differential regulation of gene products in newly synthesized Brassica napus allotetraploids is not related to protein function nor subcellular localization. BMC Genomics, 8:56. [pubmed]
  • Desprez T, Juraniec M, Crowell EF, Jouy H, Pochylova Z, Parcy F, Höfte H, Gonneau M, Vernhettes S. (2007) Organization of cellulose synthase complexes involved in primary cell wall synthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 25; 104(39):15572-7. [PNAS]
  • Es-Safi, N.-E., Kerhoas, L.; Ducrot P.-H. (2007) Fragmentation study of globularin through positive and negative ESI/MS, CID/MS, and tandem MS/MS; Spectroscopy Lett., , 40, 695-71[Wiley]
  • Es-Safi, N.-E.; Kerhoas, L.; Ducrot, P.-H (2007) Fragmentation study of iridoid glucosides through positive and negative electrospray ionization, collision-induced dissociation and tandem mass spectrometry. Rap. Commun. Mass Spec. 21, 1165-1175. [Wiley]
  • Ghanem, A.; Bados, P.; Kerhoas, L.; Dubroca, J.; Einhorn, J. (2007) Glyphosate and AMPA analysis in sewage sludge by LC-ESI-MS/MS after FMOC derivatization on strong anion-exchange resin as solid support. Analytical Chemistry 79, (10), 3794-3801. [ACS Publications]
  • Ghanem, A.; Bados, P.; Rua Estaun, A.; de Alencastro, L.F.; Taibi, S.; Einhorn, J; Mougin, C., Concentrations and specific loads of glyphosate, diuron, atrazine, nonylphenol and metabolites thereof in French urban sewage sludge. Chemosphere,69,1368:1373. [Science Direct]
  • Kannangara R, Branigan C, Liu Y, Penfield T, Rao V, Mouille G, Höfte H, Pauly M, Riechmann JL, Broun P. (2007) Transcription factor WIN1/SHN1 regulates cutin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis thaliana, The Plant Cell 19: 1278-1294. [Pubmed]
  • Marinova K, Pourcel L, Weder B, Schwarz M, Barron D, Routaboul JM, Debeaujon I, Klein M. (2007) The Arabidopsis MATE transporter TT12 acts as a vacuolar flavonoid/H+ -antiporter active in proanthocyanidin-accumulating cells of the seed coat. Plant Cell. 19, 2023-2038 (PubMed)
  • Mouille G., Ralet M.-C., Cavelier C., Eland C., Effroy D., Hématy, K., McCartney L., Truong H.N., Gaudon V., Thibault J.-F., Marchant A., Höfte H. (2007) Homogalacturonan synthesis in Arabidopsisthaliana requires a novel Golgi-localized protein with a putative methyl-transferase domain. Plant J.,Vol. 50, 605-614. [Wiley]
  • Perreau, F.; Bados, P.; Kerhoas, L.; Nelieu, S.; Einhorn, J. (2007) Trace analysis of sulfonylurea herbicides and their metabolites in water using a combination of off-line or on-line solid-phase extraction and liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 388, (5-6), 1265-1273. [SpringerLink]
  • Pourcel L, Routaboul JM, Cheynier V, Lepiniec L, Debeaujon I (2007) Flavonoid oxidation in plants : from biochemical properties to biological functions, Trends Plant Sci, 12, 29-36. [Science Direct]
  • Shankar, M. V.; Nelieu, S.; Kerhoas, L.; Einhorn, J. (2007) Photo-induced degradation of diuron in aqueous solution by nitrites and nitrates: Kinetics and pathways. Chemosphere, 66, (4), 767-774. [Science Direct]

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